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About us

        Dingtop (Guangdong) Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on mobile Internet IT applications. Alibaba Dingtalk Service Provider, moredian Intelligent Hardware Agent, Intelligent Pedestrian Passage Gate, License Plate Recognition, Barrier Gate Manufacturer;

        The company acts as an agent for enterprise-level service products in the Dingtalk market: Dingtalk smart office solutions, various smart hardware solutions and SAAS products such as Lanling, Smart Salary, etc., providing smart office, big data and mobile era for small and medium-sized enterprises and organizations across the country Personalized solutions under.

Dingtalk smart hardware solves scenarios, Dingtalk face recognition access control system, Dingtalk face recognition attendance machine, Dingtalk face recognition pedestrian access gate, Dingtalk face recognition conference system, Dingtalk smart attendance system, Dingtalk wisdom Network, Dingdtalk projector, Dingtalk smart video conference system.

        The company also has good software product design and development strategic partners, focusing on the research and development of software products with independent core technologies and intellectual property rights, and providing professional computer software customized development services for many medium and large enterprises and institutions.

        Dingtop has established enterprise information construction service cooperation relationships with many enterprises and institutions across the country. The industry solutions cover areas including: manufacturing, medical care, communications, finance, education, government institutions, smart parks, and smart campuses. , Smart communities, and other fields. In the K12 education field and the enterprise field, he has very rich experience in program formulation and implementation.

*Pedestrian access equipment:

tripod turnstile, Flap barrier, Swing barrier, speed gate, half-height/full height turnstiles, electric small gates and other products, as well as various IC/ID access control, face recognition + fingerprint time attendance access control, and combination of ID cards customized for different industries One access control/visitor management system, site access control system, scenic spot ticketing system.

* Vehicle access equipment:

Standard barriers gate, commercial servo high-speed barriers, barriers gate, advertising barriers, anti-collision automatic lifting columns, license plate recognition parking toll systems that support mobile payments, etc.

*Accessories supporting peripheral products:

All kinds of door openers, electric retractable doors, isolation barriers, isolation fences, etc.



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