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Auspicious Pixiu Ring-Buddhist Mantra, Eternal Wealth, Fortune Beast, Fortune And Evil Spirits

Auspicious Pixiu Ring-Buddhist Mantra, Eternal Wealth, Fortune Beast, Fortune And Evil Spirits

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  • People are always looking for abundance, and that’s okay.
    Don't feel bad if you're hoping for good luck. We all deserve to have a financially stable life.
    It is said that the "Feng Shui Pixiu Mantra Ring" can attract wealth and make you rich all the time. Featuring the auspicious Pixiu, this Feng Shui ring has powerful spells to help enhance the wealth aspects of your life.

    Feng Shui Ring Characteristics

    The symbol of auspicious Pixiu. Known as the hunter and guardian of wealth!
    Mantra carving. Powerful Buddhist protective spell!
    Feng shui rings are for wealth. Use it to enhance your money energy!

    Powerful feng shui ring for attracting wealth
    Pixiu is a mythical beast, known as the "lucky beast" in Chinese culture. Legend has it that this beast, also known as the Skin Demon, is known for its ability to consume gold, silver, and other valuables.
    However, Pixiu was also cursed with a sealed anus. Anything it eats gets trapped in its stomach. Therefore, many people believe that it brings wealth and never let wealth leave their lives. This is why Lechon is often considered a powerful money good luck charm. ​
    Blessed by protective spell
    In addition to the auspicious Pixiu, this Feng Shui ring is also engraved with the "Om Mani Pai Mei Hum" mantra. Chanting this Buddhist mantra, also known as the "Six Mantras", can protect you from negative effects.When chanted, each syllable creates a vibration that helps purify ego, jealousy, desire, ignorance, greed and hatred. ​

    Feng shui Pixiu heart mantra ring for you
    If you want to bring the energy of wealth to you, activate its power by wearing a Feng Shui Pixiu ring on your middle finger!

    Align your intentions: Use wealth-promoting affirmations like "Every day, I want to be rich, and that's okay," to align with the energy of the ring.

    Wealth ring details
    Item Type: Feng Shui Ring
    Material: sterling silver
    Ring size: Approximately US size 8-13
    Don’t know your size? Click here. ​
    Ring size is adjustable
    Male ring: 0.35 inches (9 mm)
    Female ring: 0.31 inches (8 mm)
    Gender: Unisex
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