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Chinese Coin Bracelet - Feng Shui Wealth Activator Create Wealth, Success And Good Luck, Energy

Chinese Coin Bracelet - Feng Shui Wealth Activator Create Wealth, Success And Good Luck, Energy

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    To activate wealth, you need to attract the right energy into your life.

    This is the traditional way of accumulating riches in the feng shui tradition.

    The “Chinese Coin Bracelet” is made to attract prosperous energies into its wearer.

    For years, it has been used to enhance wealth, success and luck in the feng shui tradition. Wear this bracelet if you desire the energy of money to bless you!

    Chinese Coin Benefits

    • Activate money energy. To aid in wealth creation!
    • Enhance your feng shui. Positively influence your life experiences!
    • Grant wealth protection. To ensure long-lasting riches!
    • Bring success and luck. Great for businesses and career individuals!

    The Feng Shui Meaning of the Old Chinese Coins

    In feng shui tradition, the old Chinese coins are used as activators of wealth energy.

    These coins can be easily identified with their round shape that comes with a square hole in the middle. Many believe that its shape depicts Heaven surrounding Earth.

    By wearing the old feng shui coins, it is said to form the harmony of the “Heaven-Earth-Man” luck. This is believed to bring you good fortune as well as protect your finances.

    Feng Shui Coin Bracelet for You

    Looking to activate your wealth feng shui? Get this Chinese Coin Bracelet now!

    Aligning your intentions: Use wealth-activating affirmations such as “I accept the energy of money” to align with the bracelet’s energy.

    Bracelet Details

    • Item Type: Bracelet
    • Material: Gold-Plated Beads, Handmade Knots
    • Amulet: Old Chinese Coins
    • Length: Adjustable
    • Clasp Type: Sliding Knots
    • Gender: Unisex
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