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Natural Black Obsidian Dragon Necklace - Protection, Luck, Success Strength, Happiness, Good Luck

Natural Black Obsidian Dragon Necklace - Protection, Luck, Success Strength, Happiness, Good Luck

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Negative energies are out to get you!

If you let too many unwanted vibrations around you, it can cause you bad luck and misfortune.

To protect yourself from negativity, the obsidian dragon will serve as your personal guardian!

Our “Natural Black Obsidian Necklace” is designed to improve your energy defenses while inviting luck, wealth, and success into your life.
Wear this feng shui necklace now!

Dragon Necklace Features

  • Pendant embossed with a dragon image. Known as a bringer of luck, success, and wealth!
  • Made of natural black obsidian. A highly protective stone against negative energies!
  • Comes with a bead necklace. Bring the obsidian dragon with you wherever you go!

Black Obsidian Dragon Necklace Meaning

The Black Obsidian Dragon Necklace is a feng shui charm worn for protection and good luck. The pendant is inspired by Chinese dragons and is made of naturally occurring volcanic glass called black obsidian.

The black obsidian necklace is renowned in the crystal world for its protective qualities. This volcanic glass has been used to keep negative energy at bay. Many would wear black obsidian to repel bad luck and misfortune.

The Chinese dragon necklace is a feng shui enhancer for luck, success, and abundance. In Chinese mythology, dragons possess immense power that they have control over water, rainfall, typhoons, and floods. They are revered for their strength, that’s why it became a notion that wearing their symbol can bring good things.

Black Obsidian Dragon Pendant for You

If you wish for protection and good luck, carry this black obsidian dragon pendant with you all the time! Ours comes with a bead necklace so you can wear the obsidian dragon anywhere you go!

Get yours now!

Aligning your intentions: Speak daily affirmations such as “I am protected by the obsidian dragon” to align with the pendant’s energy.

Necklace Details

  • Item Type: Feng Shui Necklace
  • Material: Black Obsidian
  • Design: Dragon
  • Color: Black
  • Comes with a bead necklace
  • Necklace Length: 23.6" (60cm)
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Related Terms: volcanic dragon necklace, black obsidian pendant, protection necklace, protection pendant, dragon pendant, dragon jewelry

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