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Red Agate Pixiu Bracelet - Preserve Wealth Warp Away Evil Spirits, Attract Wealth, Protect Wealth, Prosperity And Good Luck

Red Agate Pixiu Bracelet - Preserve Wealth Warp Away Evil Spirits, Attract Wealth, Protect Wealth, Prosperity And Good Luck

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Our desire to spend excessively hinders our ability to create wealth.

Before we know it, we’re spending on things that we don’t really need. As a result, we end up depleting our resources.

If you struggle managing your spending habits, the red agate bracelet may be of help.

The “Red Agate Pixiu Bracelet” is a charm intended to assist in wealth creation. It is said to encourage logical thinking so you can preserve your riches while creating more.

Red Agate Pixiu Bracelet Benefits

  • Red agate beads. Worn to promote a clear mind, discouraging wasteful money habits!
  • Auspicious Pixiu symbol. Said to attract money energy in feng shui tradition!
  • Red agate and Pixiu combined. A potent charm to make and preserve wealth!

Red Agate Pixiu Meaning

Red agate is a stone traditionally worn to promote clarity of the mind.

For years, red agate has been used to help people think more logically so they can better manage their finances. It is believed to contain energy that inspires a clear mind, which you need to make better decisions when it comes to spending your money.

If you need to manage your spending habits, this stone is said to discourage you from buying unnecessary items. This makes it an excellent crystal to aid in manifesting wealth!

When you’re able to control your spending behavior, the Pixu charm in this bracelet then works to attract more wealth.

In Chinese myths, Pixiu is referred to as the “fortune beast.” Also called Piyao, this creature is capable of consuming the world’s treasures according to the stories. However, it was also cursed with a sealed rectum. This traps all the treasures that it devours inside its belly.

As a result, many believe that Pixiu has the power to attract and preserve wealth. This is why it has become a well-recognized symbol in Chinese culture.

Red Agate Piyao Bracelet for You

Combining the red agate stone and the Pixiu symbol, this bracelet is great for attracting wealth while being mindful of your expenses.

If you need help in creating more wealth, the Red Agate Piyao Bracelet aligns with your intention. Get this crystal bracelet now!

Aligning your intentions: Use positive affirmations such as “I resist all temptations that deplete my wealth” to align with the bracelet’s energy.

Bracelet Details

  • Item Type: Bracelet
  • Material: Red Agate
  • Amulet: Pixiu/Piyao
  • Color: Red
  • Bead Size: 0.39” (10mm)
  • Amulet Size: 0.31 x 0.63” (8 x 16mm)
  • Length: One-size-fits-all
  • Gender: Unisex
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